Nova Twins

Nova Twins are a genre-bending duo consisting of lead vocalist/guitarist Amy Love & bassist Georgia South. Innovative in every element of what they do as artists, whether that’s performing to moshing crowds, art directing their own music videos or designing & making their outfits for all hotshots & stage-wear.

“The Red Mist has got some gnarly tones and is very dynamic which we love, as we can manipulate the sounds for any style of riff.”


Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor is a musician, singer, songwriter and record producer, best known as a former member of both Duran Duran and Power Station.

Andy fell in love with the Angry Rhubarb and quickly made it a big part of his sound :

“It’s the first time I’ve used a clean channel with a pedal in front of it, seriously. As soon as I stood on it, I added it immediately to my board. You can sweep it, and get that mid point where it ‘kerrangs’. It’s the only pedal that makes a clean channel scream. It does what it says on the tin.”



Photo by Sam Huddleston

If there was ever a guitar player who the Honey Badger was made for, it was Scott Holiday. Scott got his hands on our Octave Fuzz and immediately started experimenting.

“This little (appropriately named) Honey Badger is an angry little fella! I really dig the octave section's old school analog sometimes “glitchy” quality. Sometimes 'perfect' isn’t always 'perfect'. The Badger is an octave fuzz with tons of its own character.”



Mike Vennart burst onto the scene in the late 90s with his band Oceansize, whose influences spanned from space rock old (Pink Floyd) as well as new (Mogwai, The Verve) to alternative rock (Jane's Addiction, Tool), shoegaze (My Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver) and avant-garde (Can, Tortoise).

A pedalboard purist and tone-mangler, Mike currently tours the world playing guitar with Biffy Clyro, as well as maintaining a soundscape-laden solo career in Vennart. He’s also a southpaw like the boss. What’s not to love?

“The Honey Badger is an absolute beast. I can get a lot of juice out of this thing, and the double switching makes it super versatile on the fly. I’m a sucker for disgusting guitar sounds and the octave blends in this thing make me wanna hurl. It brings out the wildest harmonics even on neutral chords, so it makes you play in ways your fingers would’t normally wanna. Pedals should be fun, and the Honey Badger can do everything from a filthy Hendrix wall-of-noise, to freaky synth-octaves, to straight classic rock.”

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Dan Weller is considered by many to be a pioneering musician ahead of his time, as the founding guitarist of UK Progressive Metal / Djent band SikTh. As an award-winning producer/mix engineer, Dan has worked with Enter Shikari, Bury Tomorrow, Young Guns, Holding Absence and Cody Frost among others.

When recently recording an artist, Dan stumbled across our Honey Badger Octave Fuzz - and decided he had to have one :

“Having known Mikey for years I know how passionate he is about music creation. So I knew he’d be applying that same love in the creation of Redbeard Effects. When I first plugged in the Honey Badger I was blown away. It was intuitive and sounded special… my expectations were exceeded. I have no doubt that these pedals will be heavily featuring on my records going forward.”



George is a producer who's worked with You Me At Six / Mogwai / Enter Shikari / The Darkness / Jamie Bower among others.

“The Angry Rhubarb is my desert island pedal. I love how flexible the drives and EQ combinations are, it compliments every guitar and amp I’ve tried it with yet. Don’t be fooled, this little pink box can get very angry and create the most inspiring filthy tones! I first heard the Honey Badger on a heavy baritone guitar part and knew I needed one instantly. It’s become my go to for all-out bass fuzz. Go big or go home! Redbeard Effects are creating modern classics that push my favourite amps to new tones I’ve not heard before.”

marcus bridge - northlane

Marcus Bridge is the frontman for the multi award winning Australian metalcore band, Northlane.

As well as a versatile vocalist, Marcus is also a multi-talented guitarist and songwriter - who who found an inspiring writing partner when he plugged in the Angry Rhubarb :

"I absolutely love the Angry Rhubarb from Redbeard Effects. The pedal is so versatile and doesn't really have a bad sound in it. This pedal has been on my studio board for a while now and has been extremely inspiring when working on my own music. I don't see it coming off any time soon!"

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We rocked up at Halestorm's soundcheck for their headline show at Alexandra Palace in London, hoping that Joe might take the Red Mist MKIV home and get to grips with it and make it part of his killer rig. It ended up on his pedalboard for the show that night - and he's been rocking it ever since, as part of his anthemic signature guitar sound.

"The Red Mist MKIV is a BEAST! Mind bending EQ sweeps can take you from heavy to WEIRD. It's a new dimension in drive."

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Our friend & insanely talented musician, Tom Gleeson, was looking for a drive pedal to set his sound apart and inspire songwriting & live performance. He gave our pedals an audition on his board, and the rest is history.

“After a painstaking shoot-out, I’ve recently replaced 2 of my long-time go-to pedals with the Angry Rhubarb and Red Mist MKIV. They sound incredible no matter what you’re running through them, from guitars to bass to synths, vocals and even drums. They’re endlessly tweakable and really inspiring to play. I’m looking forward to taking them out on the road later this year with Feeder for everyone to hear how awesome they are in the flesh.“



Mark Roberts is a Producer / Mix Engineer from Brighton, UK. As a multi instrumentalist, Mark is as stoked on guitar gear as he is studio outboard. Among many others, Mark has worked with alternative artists like Black Peaks, Toska, Delta Sleep, Jamie Lenman, and InTechnicolour.

"Absolutely in love with the Angry Rhubarb right now! The drive itself is super cool, but it’s the overall versatility of the pedal that’s the real home run. So many tones available and the parametric EQ allows you to sculpt it in any way you like, especially useful for fitting something into a dense mix! Stacks up so well with other pedals too!“

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A lifelong steward of knockout rock & roll guitar tone, Ozzy came to us looking to replace an offending drive pedal that was sucking all the low end from his beloved Matamp. We knew immediately what medicine to prescribe - the Angry Rhubarb was the solution to the problem.

“I have condensed my pedal board down and the Angry Rhubarb is one of two that I just couldn’t live without. Somehow my sound is in it, already there, like it somehow knew what I needed?”


Pascal "Passy" Theisen - CADET CARTER

“The Angry Rhubarb is a real all-rounder. We have used it not only to give guitars but also synthesizers their individual sound and to give them more powerful timbre. This beast inspired us to create a new basic sound and try out heavier parts. George Perks, our producer and friend brought the Angry Rhubarb to the studios for the recordings of our third album and we fell in love with the pedal instantly. Warning: This pedal doesn't make the owner angry!”



When Shiner heard the Honey Badger in the studio whilst recording their latest record, he knew he had to have one for his board.

"From a Non-Fuzz lover to a converted Fuzz lover that is constantly on my board. The Honey Badger pedal kicks some serious ass. Aggressive fuzz with with a monster 1 & 2 Octave Down. An amazing job done by Redbeard Effects."



Photograph by Jason Reposar

"These boxes have completely changed my whole world, they're inspiring, they're rugged... I'm obviously biased but these pedals have taken my playing to an entirely new level."

I mean... if the boss isn't swearing by these... it's a problem, right?




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