Which way round do the jacks work on my pedal?

Good question! As you look at the pedal from above, the input is on the right hand side & the output is on the left hand side. Getting these the wrong way round is a common mistake (hey, we’ve all done it!), so please ensure you have your cables in the correct sockets before freaking out.

How do I power my pedal?

Your Redbeard Effects pedal runs off a 9v DC (Centre Negative) power supply, which is the standard in guitar effects. The jack for this is located between the input and output jacks on the top of your pedal. By using a dedicated pedal power supply (such as the GigRig Generator, Strymon Zuma / Ojai or the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2), your pedal will have the best source of power available to ensure correct performance.

Will my pedal run off a battery?

No. We designed our products with as much modern features as possible. We find most guitarists are running a pedalboard and/or a dedicated pedal power unit for this purpose. If used correctly, this creates the best possible power scenario for your pedals. If you’re looking for a small ‘battery’ style power supply for your pedal, we recommend the Big Joe Power Box Lithium ( PB-107 ).

Where should I put my pedal in my signal chain?

Traditionally, the recommended signal chain goes Compression > Gain > Modulation > Delay / Reverb and so on. However! This is just a guideline and at Redbeard Effects we encourage you to mix it up and put your pedals in whatever order inspires you the most. Just be careful not to feed too much signal into your amplifier - you could end up damaging your beloved amp. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Will my pedal work with my Bass guitar / Synth setup?

Absolutely! Our pedals were designed across the board with all manner of instruments. Some of our products output a massive amount of low end, so do tread carefully with your bass amp or monitor setup.

What’s the deal with my pedal’s warranty?

Our pedals have a 2 year warranty against manufacturing faults or defects. This guarantee is applicable to the original owner and is not transferable.