At Redbeard Effects, subtlety is not our strong suit. 


We love user friendly, simple yet striking effects that help push your sound into new exciting realms of sonic possibility. We believe in thoughtfully designed, fantastically engineered pedals that perform above and beyond their expectations. We create products that we believe are both inspiring and challenging, practical yet exciting. 


20 years of touring the world, an infinity of hours spent cutting the rug on stage & in the studio; and an insatiable appetite for killer guitar tones. A lifetime of experience goes into our products; we know the difference of what cuts through the mix, and what doesn’t. We know what can handle being stomped on night after night after night, and what can’t. We know that guitar players (and bass players!) are looking for that ‘special sauce’ to bring their tone alive and inspire their playing and performance. We know that players want the same reliability every time they plug into their rig. We strive to provide that sound, reliability, inspiration and consistency in everything that we do. 


Redbeard Effects is a guitar effects company based in the UK. Offering highly engineered hand made products, Redbeard Effects is the conjoined brain-child of seasoned rock guitarist and self confessed rock & roll gear head, Mikey Demus (of UK based band, Skindred), and internationally renowned pedal designer and manufacturer, Adrian Thorpe (of ThorpyFX).

Mikey’s first encounter with guitar pedals was way back in the early 90s when learning to play guitar. “My dad’s only pedal was an Arion Metal Master - an amazing yet nasty little thing which I permanently borrowed, and quickly learned it made the noisiest, gnarliest sound I’d ever heard. It clipped to oblivion and made CRAZY feedback, which is the coolest thing in the world when you’re 10 years old. I guess I’ve never really grown up from that.” An inherited curiosity for electronics and DIY left Mikey with the desire to know how things worked under the hood. “I’d pull a pedal to bits to see what it was all about, something about exploring its innards made me appreciate it more. I’m still that guy who takes a pedal to pieces to see what makes it tick. Most of the time, even before I’ve plugged it in!”


We're at the start of our pedal journey, the future is very bright. Our exciting and growing range of effects are making waves on pedalboards in bedrooms, studios and stages all around the globe.

Our pedals are proudly dreamt up, designed, engineered, built, tested and packaged by hand in the UK.