Hairy Squid - Colossal Fuzz

What's better than your favourite fuzz pedal? How about 3 of your favourite fuzz pedals... in one!

At Redbeard Effects we love all things fuzzy - vintage, modern, and everything in between. For our first dedicated fuzz pedal, we toyed with various modes of clipping to fine tune the sounds we love the most. We wanted to create a fuzz pedal that catered to a whole spectrum of sounds... so we jammed three of our favourites into one killer stompbox! 

The 3-way toggle switch gives you the following options :

A : Silicone Mode (Think creamy, smoother vintage 'muff' sounds a la Gilmour)
B : LED Mode (Massive modern headroom, loud & crazy sustain)
C : Germanium Mode (Edgier, 'bender'-esque tone)

Check out the Hairy Squid and find all your favourite fuzz tones in one box!
  • Three Fuzz Pedals in one
  • Switchable Clipping modes - Silicone, Germanium and LED
  • 100% Analogue Circuit
  • True Bypass
  • What's in the box :
    Our signature 'Coffee Bag' packaging | 2 x Redbeard Effects Stickers | Redbeard Effects PCB Keyring

Like all our pedals, the Hairy Squid was dreamt up, designed, engineered, built, tested and packaged in the UK by hand.


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