Powered By Redbeardium™ - Limited Edition Beard Oil 50ml

Behold! At long last, the power of REDBEARDIUM™ has been harnessed, tempered and concentrated into a delightful and aromatic LIMITED EDITION Beard Oil! Created in collaboration with our good friends at Braw Beard Oils, this luxurious product has been handcrafted to leave your beard smelling and feeling conditioned & incredible.

'Powered By Redbeardium™' Beard Oil can be used on any coloured beard and all types of facial hair.

This might seem an obvious statement - but it's beard oil, people. Don't put it in your eyes, don't pour it into your pedal and DON'T DRINK IT.

  • Strong, deep, wood fragrance made with Scots pine, palmarosa and petitgrain
  • 100% natural oil to nourish facial hair
  • Hempseed oil base may enhance beard growth
  • Scots pine’s proteins protect the hair from damage
  • Non-greasy
  • Handmade in small batches in Scotland

Uniquely scented with Scots Pine (fresh pine, wood), Petitgrain (heavy, wood) & Palmerosa (rose).

It has only natural ingredients, chosen for their beneficial properties. Which means it nourishes the facial hair from root to tip. So that you can have an attractive beard that will not itch or leave dandruff on your shirt.

These 50ml bottles last 3-6 months depending on beard length.

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